October in Blackford County will see Blackford Promise supporting specific programming in the elementary schools to encourage all our young students to begin setting their goals for careers and for the education that will be necessary to reach those career goals. Students will be encouraged to add to their education 529 savings accounts (or have their families sign up for an account), and to find adult family members and friends who will commit to helping the student advance toward their career goals. Drawings and prizes are on offer during the month for students who add $25 to their accounts this month.

The focus this month on adding to an education savings plan like the 529 accounts is an activity that comes out of the research on career readiness—students who have even as little as $500 set aside for education after high school graduation are

Parents can help by enrolling their children in a 529 college savings account program that receives matching dollars and additional incentive money. See www.blackfordcountypromise.org for further information or call Elizabeth Witt at the Blackford County Community Foundation 765-348-3411.

Other community supporters may wish to donate funds for matches and incentives. Again, contact the Foundation for more information.