Board of Directors

The Blackford County Community Foundation is led by a volunteer board made up of nine to twelve local community leaders. Each director brings valued expertise and insight to the business of the Foundation, and each director feels a strong connection to this community and its needs.

Current Board Members

Robert Benbow joined the Board of Directors in 2013. Bob’s past experience in working for  the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions provides the Board with a high level of financial and accounting expertise; and his military service gives him a real interest in veterans’ affairs. Bob lives in Montpelier where he serves on the city’s Board of Works; he is also a member of the Blackford County Area Planning Commission.

Scott Blakely came on the Board in 2020. Scott began his career as a teacher and a coach and is now the principal at Eaton Elementary School. He is a native of Blackford County and a graduate of Blackford High School.

Ashley Chu  became a member of the Board in 2021. She is an archivist and librarian at Taylor University. She is interested in community relations, marketing, education, and project management.

Mitch Glentzer joined the Board in 2018. He works with alternative investments as part of the Kline Family Farms operation in Blackford County. He holds both a law degree and an MBA, thus bringing both a legal and a financial perspective to the Board.

Kristie Jennerjahn joined the Board in 2017. She is an advocate for the youth of this community through her and her husband’s support of local school activities and other organizations that provide programming for today’s young people. She is also active in local civic initiatives.

Ted Leas joined the Board in 2020. Ted is a life-long resident of Blackford County and has spent most of his adult working life in the local banking world. He retired as regional president of Citizens State Bank in 2016. Ted is also actively involved with the Blackford County Economic Development Corporation.

Adam Lenz became a Board member in 2018. He is a geologist and a senior project manager at Creek Run Environmental Engineering in Montpelier. Lenz’s scientific and environmental background provides technical insights for community projects. He is also interested in youth sports and education.

Mark Townsend was new to the Board in 2016. He comes from a family in which multiple generations have viewed community service as their calling. Mark farms northwest of Hartford City while finding time in past years to serve on the local school board, the Purdue University Board of Trustees, and the local hospital board.


Board Committees

The Board relies on its special standing committees to study the various aspects of guiding the Foundation before recommending actions to the full Board. These committees also include community members who have special interests or extensive experience working in each area.

Development Committee

  • Ted Leas, Chair
  • Bob Benbow
  • Scott Blakely
  • Kristie Jennerjahn
  • Mark Townsend

Finance/Investment Committee

  • Vince Cimino, Co-Chair, Community Member
  • Bob Benbow, Co-Chair
  • Mitch Glentzer
  • Ted Leas

Executive/Governance Committee

  • Kristie Jennerjahn, President
  • Mark Townsend, Vice President
  • Scott Blakely, Secretary
  • Mitch Glentzer, Treasurer

Grants Committee

  • Kristie Jennerjahn, Chair
  • Rita Barker-Bell, Community Member
  • Ashley Chu
  • Julie Forcum, Community Member
  • Mitch Glentzer
  • Adam Lenz
  • Mark Townsend

Scholarship Committee

  • Mark Townsend, Chair
  • Scott Blakely
  • Diana Holsten, Community Member
  • Adam Lenz

Audit Committee

  • Full Board