In its twenty years of existence, the Blackford County Community Foundation has reached a major milestone. As of August 31, 2018, its assets are $10.4 million. In 1997, the Foundation had only $85,000 when it was formed from the consolidation of the Montpelier Community Foundation and the Blackford County Foundation. That growth has come from the donations of over 2,000 contributors, from grants through the Lilly Endowment Inc., and from earnings on Foundation investments.

Over the past twenty years, the Foundation has awarded approximately $5 million in grants to 83 local nonprofits and their projects. In addition, 812 local high school graduates and local enrolled college students have received scholarships through the Foundation.

The Foundation celebrated the milestone growth with a reception held September 28. Event photos are posted here.

For more information about making charitable contributions or about applying for grants and scholarships, follow the links in this post or contact the Foundation at 765-348-3411 or