Applying for a W.O.W. Grant

Does your organization have a project in mind that enhances the lives of the women and/or children in Blackford County?
Would a $1,000 grant help make that project a reality?
The Women of Worth grant may be just what you are looking for!

Grant Criteria

  • Applicants must be nonprofit organizations, governmental entities, or church organizations.
  • Projects must benefit women and/or children in Blackford County.
  • Grant awards will not be made
    • to fund projects winning a W.O.W. grant award the previous year;
    • to make up operating deficits, post-event or after-the-fact situations;
    • to support special fundraising events, including endowment campaigns;
    • to support political endeavors and propaganda; or
    • to profit-making enterprises and/or projects for personal gain

Visit our Grant Applications and Timelines page for more information and to access the application.