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Are you interested in attending winter events in Blackford County? We have a list! Community events are a way for you and your family to get outdoors and enjoy everything that Blackford County has to offer. 

Have you heard about our Get Outdoors campaign? We are encouraging Blackford County residents to get outdoors and enjoy everything our county has to offer. Why? Because enjoying our greenspaces and attending family-friendly local events is good for you! It’s good for you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Not sure how to get started? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be sharing ideas and inspiration on our social media and blog pages for the upcoming season!  

Because it is wintertime and going outside to enjoy the brutal Indiana cold doesn’t sound pleasant to anyone, there are fewer events during this season. So, we have also filled this blog with additional family-friendly activities that you can enjoy indoors!

We hope you enjoyed the annual Cornuelle Tree Lighting Festival this year!

2nd Saturday Winter Art Activities

Did you know engaging in the arts can help improve your overall well-being? It’s true! Participating in the arts can decrease anxiety, increase connections, and reduce loneliness. There’s research that suggests the arts can improve cognitive function as we age too. Engaging in the arts is just overall good for you! So, when should we begin to engage with the arts to enjoy the benefits? As early as possible. We are so lucky to have a community arts center that offers art programming for our local youth. 

Starting in August through the Winter, the Blackford County Arts Center will be hosting Second Saturday Art Activities. On the second Saturday of each month, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., all kindergarten through sixth grade-aged kids can enjoy making art. Stay up to date on everything happening at the Blackford County Arts Center by joining their Facebook group.

Christmas Parade Event

Now that it’s winter, we can look forward to one of our favorite events of the entire year, which is the Christmas Parade. Nothing puts you into the Christmas mood like looking at all the lights around town. The parade is a great family event that anyone can enjoy. 

The parade will take place this year on December 23 at 5:00 p.m. Make sure to get your photo with Santa Claus and then join the lineup of cars to check out the beautiful Christmas lights all over Hartford City. Make sure to tune your radio to WPGW 100.9 to listen to sing along with some Christmas songs. Make this year one to remember by attending each of these winter events in Blackford County.

The Christmas Parade is on Friday, December 23rd!

Family-Friendly Holiday Activities

There is so much to do around the holidays, but make sure to carve out some time for fun holiday activities that the whole family can enjoy. There are so many fun activities that your family can make a tradition!

Bringing the Outside Indoors

We know going outside during the wintertime is no fun unless you build snowmen and sled down a hill. But even with a few outdoor activities, it is much harder to get outdoors during the cold season, which is why we suggest bringing the outside indoors!

There is so much to discover outdoors, but that doesn’t mean the discovery needs to stop just because you are inside. A couple of ways that you can bring the outdoors inside are:

  • Start an indoor garden – plant some herbs and winter veggies in small pots around your home.
  • Bring insects inside – try out an ant or worm farm for the winter.
  • Create a nature treasure self – designate a self where everyone can collect unique items they found outdoors.
  • Build nature boxes – fill a small container with nature items that kids can closely examine.
  • Try indoor bird watching – enjoy some time looking out your windows for some of Indiana’s beautiful winter birds.
  • Create a pinecone bird feeder – make a pinecone feeder with only items that you found outdoors.

This list is only a couple of the ways that you can bring the outside indoors for your family. We wrote an entire article with more fun activities and resources that you can use; check it out here.

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We hope that you enjoy our list of winter events in Blackford County. If you participate in any of these activities, make sure to take a picture and tag us on Facebook with the hashtag #getoutdoorsbc. For those who don’t already follow us, check out our social media! Get more fun tips and suggestions for getting outdoors by reading articles on our blog.