Health and Human Services Funds

The following funds provide for nonprofit organizations that provide health and wellness programs or services for the needy here in Blackford County.

Blackford County Long-Term Recovery Group Fund

Immediately after the record flooding of August 21 and 22, 2014, local community leaders established this fund to help the victims of this disaster repair the damage to their homes. The group solicited donations and set up a procedure for local victims to qualify for financial assistance. In fewer than ten days, the first donation was made.

Cancer Support for Blackford County

This fund was established to prove HOPE (Handing Out Positive Encouragement) to those Blackford County residents who have been diagnosed with cancer. The goal is to encourage patients through providing emotional, spiritual, and financial support.

Dorothy Gadbury Fund

This fund was created in memory of Dorothy Gadbury, an elementary teacher who taught in Roll, Carney School, and Ervin School. She was also one of the first teachers at Licking Elementary. She and her husband Dwight owned a dairy farm west of Hartford City. The fund will pay for testing to determine the presence of diabetes and/or glaucoma and also provide financial assistance to needy persons or families who suffer from the effects of long-term health problems.

Rusha Marine Memorial Fund

This fund was originally established to help senior citizens with their hospital expenses and now provides financial support for senior citizens transportation needs as they go to medical appointments and access other essential services.

Montpelier-Harrison Township Cancer Fund

This fund was established by Florence Bernice Johnson to support and enhance charitable work related to cancer prevention and treatment for residents in Montpelier and Harrison Township. Mrs. Johnson was a long-time resident of Montpelier and a telephone operator there for many years.

Montpelier American Legion Veteran’s Assistance Fund

This fund was established in 2015 to provide veterans and their families living in Harrison or Washington Townships in Blackford County or Chester Township in Wells County to receive grants for attending an Indiana college or vocational training or for emergency assistance for food, shelter, or utilities.

Paul L. Roderick Memorial Fund for the Benefit of the Blackford County YMCA

This fund was established in memory of Paul L. Roderick to provide financial assistance to the YMCA with its mission of building healthy spirits, minds, and bodies for Blackford County’s youth. Mr. Roderick engaged in an active lifestyle himself by lifting weights, riding a bike, and walking.

Schantz Endowment Fund

This fund was established by William and Patricia Schantz as a charitable gift that would continue to support fourteen nonprofit organizations after their deaths that they had long assisted during their lifetimes.

Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana Endowment Fund

This fund was established to help provide hunger relief to Blackford County residents who are in need. These endowed funds will insure that a local program aimed at reducing hunger can continue forever.

J. Nolan and Joanne K. Willman Fund

This fund was established by Nolan Willman in 2011 in memory of his wife Joanne. The fund has benefited Blackford County’s Community and Family Services Food Pantry, Cancer Support for Blackford County, and the Foundation’s Sustaining Resource Development initiative. The Willmans have been active supporters of the Blackford County Civil War Reenactment Club, community choir events, and their local church.